Energy Clay Tablets


    Energize, build your immune system, resolve gastrointestinal issues, and balance pH levels with our organic, high-grade mineral detox. Our natural remedy (not a drug) avoids harsh flushing.

    Calcium montmorillonite clay was named “kanwa” by Native American tribes. Healers have used it for centuries to detoxify the body, heal wounds, cure stomach ailments, and decontaminate food and water. The availability of magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, calcium, and more than 57 trace minerals makes this clay imperative for body preservation and strengthening. With time and research, the benefits have continued to grow.


    Purify by banishing toxins and bad bacteria and replenishing with nutrients
    Improve immune system to lessen the frequency of illnesses
    No caffeine- energy is gained through ionic activity without the jittery side effects
    Enhance metabolism, adjusting blood sugar levels and regulating fats, to generate the most energy
    Aid digestion, treat food poisoning effects, and heal other gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea, ulcers, colitis, and general stomach ache
    Build reparative proteins
    Strengthen bones and teeth
    Help achieve beautiful hair, skin, and nails
    Maintain effective muscle movement and other natural body processes
    Balance pH level and fluids within the body
    Support a healthy nervous system
    Help control blood pressure

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    A bottle of Kanwa Detox Tablets
    Energy Clay Tablets


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